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Succession Planning

Are you in the process of succession planning and looking for the best path forward?

When it comes to succession planning, you need guidance and support when connecting the dots to find the best candidates for your organization. Here at Blueridge – that’s what we do.

Our Process

Succession planning enables organizations to prepare for future leadership needs. Blueridge Advisors helps each client partner establish a step-by-step process to assess the needs within the organization and design a strategy to identify and cultivate the right talent. Our facilitation process guides each organization to effectively manage transitions at every level.

Case Study: A community foundation plans for its future.

Succession Planning Case Study

We worked with a community foundation to implement a management continuity process for emergency and planned transitions at the CEO and senior leadership levels.

First, we identified the critical functions required to cover the positions and who in the foundation could temporarily manage those functions. Next, we established a process for the CEO’s departure and the step-by-step plan that the board could test before actually putting the plan into action.

For the next two years, the board relied on this process and felt they were prepared and confident that they would be able to manage the transition and executive search when the CEO announced his retirement.

Are you ready to make a change to better your organization?

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