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Leadership Development



Blueridge Advisors prepares and mentors your internal leaders to develop the skills and knowledge to build effective organizations.

We work with a network of coaches that offer assistance to staff at all levels. The coaching that we provide will help you align your staff’s hidden talents with your organization’s mission. We assist in strengthening and integrating your public profile with your area of expertise and professional goals. We believe in furthering your success in your career and strive to promote you on a continual basis.

Our coaching helps individuals discover answers to these and many other critical questions:

  • How can you uncover your staff’s hidden talents?
  • How will you bring your board and staff in alignment with your organization’s mission?
  • Have you thought about your public profile and its position in your area of expertise?

We will stay with you and help you select the goal, engage with it, progress through it, achieve it and integrate the accomplishment into your life.

–Thomas Leonard, Founder of Coach University



The first few months of a new executive’s tenure determines how successful that person will be in the new role to handle organizational expectations. We help define those expectations and implement a plan for integrating the new leader.

To help avoid confusing situations and to better prioritize tasks, Blueridge Advisors facilitates an onboarding process with the client partner over the first six to twelve months.


Case Study: A national social justice organization wanted to ensure its new executive director would be ready to hit the ground on day one.


Onboarding Case Study

After an extensive search to hire a CEO, the board determined it needed to support the new CEO by creating an onboarding plan to clarify expectations during the first six months on the job. We provided a framework for their onboarding plan, supervised the development of the performance goals for the CEO, and assessed their objectives and priorities. We interviewed the new CEO about his expectations of the board, and facilitated a working session to achieve principle agreements. We also formulated a plan that served as a road map for the new CEO and board for the first six months of the CEO’s tenure.


Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

–Warren Bennis


Governance Advising

Boards serve as a critical role in all organizations. Blueridge Advisors consults with boards regarding the roles of each board member and works alongside them to build more effective methods.


Case Study: A social justice organization’s board synchronizes with a retreat.


Governance Case Study

A board wanted to understand best practices in nonprofit governance and sought advice on agendas and goals. After we observed two board meetings, we suggested they hold a half-day retreat to focus on increasing their understanding of their role in advancing the organization’s mission and the steps they could take to become more effective.

Blueridge Advisors developed and facilitated the half-day session, which created space for building trust and meaningful collaboration. We shared with the board members what practices had worked for other non-profits and explored specific practices to implement.

What resulted was a number of tangible actions, some of which were adopted immediately, and others that needed to be applied over the next six months. At the end of the session, the board members acknowledged that they had accomplished their goal to produce a guide on how to adapt better methods for their organization.

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