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Executive Search

Blueridge Executive Search

The first difference that you will notice when you work with Blueridge is our dedication to understanding your organization on an intrinsic level. With every client, we delve deep into their work culture and dynamics, identify their leadership needs, and help create their vision for the future.

In order to attract the right candidates for every executive position, we build an analyzed profile of the organization to develop a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses within it. Once we discover what your team requires, we create a core list of traits and experiences that each applicant will need to best serve the organization.


Case Study: CEO search for a national youth development organization.


Our Process

We initiated an extensive interview process with the board, staff, and other stakeholders to gain an understanding of the organization’s mission and what attracted everyone to the organization. We used this information to create a concrete description of the role and responsibilities of the CEO as well as convey what was compelling about the organization to potential candidates.

Once we began the search, we were able to attract a diverse group of highly qualified candidates. After screening candidates through several interviews, conducting extensive analyses and assessments based on the organization's needs, and providing perspectives about potential fit, the client felt confident in its ability to make a clear decision in hiring their next CEO.


The information and analysis you brought to the search process enabled us to make the right decision and move forward.

–Blueridge Client


What made the difference?

We were able to gain a deep understanding of every aspect of the organization at the beginning of the search to be able to provide a curated list of top quality candidates. By identifying the core values and goals of the organization, we provided a perspective detailing areas of strength and for improvement. We also advised the board of each candidate’s individual strengths and places for growth. The client felt very confident in making their decision based on our findings.


Are you ready to make a change to better your organization?

Let's discuss your organization’s goals, and create a vision for the future with the right leaders guiding your team.