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Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA: President

About The Organization

Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA seeks a visionary President who, while respectful of past achievements and current direction, will lead a team of passionate and committed professionals and volunteers to new accomplishments in the arena of compassionate care for animals.

About Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA

The Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA (PHS) is among the nation’s largest and most successful private nonprofit public benefit animal welfare organizations. Its principal programs include the rescue and adoption of homeless pets (with a 90% save rate, remarkable for an “open door” sheltering organization which accepts all animals); the Hope Program which makes well and then finds homes for sick, injured and behaviorally challenged dogs, cats and other pets including animals which are not typically accepted by many shelters; low-cost and no-cost spay/neuter programs (PHS was among the first organizations in the nation to offer spay/neuter surgery to companion animals owned by members of the public); investigations of animal neglect and cruelty; rehabilitation of injured and orphaned native wildlife for release to natural habitat; and humane education and animal assisted therapy programs. Please visit PHS/SPCA By the Numbers to learn more about the organization’s “open door” commitment. 

Through contract, PHS has also long acted as the service provider of State and locally mandated animal care and control programs for San Mateo County and its twenty incorporated Cities. Among the major programs managed as the result of that contract are the following: housing and care of stray animals, as well as return as possible to owners; field response for animals in distress and in need of rescue; temporary care for the pets of hospitalized or arrested owners; response to dangerous and vicious animal complaints; enforcement of most local animal related ordinances; quarantine for rabies control; and assistance to police, EMT’s, fire and other first responders. 

Please visit www.PHS-SPCA.org to discover more about PHS/SPCA.

The success of PHS’ many innovative programs have led to the creation of a supported-supporting nonprofit network, expanding PHS’ scope and role in the San Francisco Bay Area and also providing the opportunity to influence animal welfare in other communities (currently southern California and Hawaii). The current organizations within that nonprofit network are: 

  • Pacific Animal Initiatives (PAI, the supporting organization) which provides high level administration and project supervision for all the related organizations, assuring consistency and efficiency through its authority to appoint a majority of the members of the Boards of the supported organizations (excluding that of PHS); 
  • Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley (WCSV, a supported organization) which cares for injured and orphaned native wildlife of Santa Clara County; 
  • California Wildlife Center (CWC, a supported organization) a principal provider of rehabilitative care for injured and orphaned native wildlife in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties; and 
  • Lanai Cat Sanctuary (LCS, a supported organization) which offers permanent care for the homeless cats of this Hawaiian Island while also better protecting the island’s wildlife.

Combined, the annual operating budgets of these various distinct nonprofits is $20,000,000 and the FTE count is over 150. There are several major capital projects also underway, one of which alone is fully funded at $100,000,000. 

The Opportunity 

The President is the chief executive officer of PHS, working with and under the direction of its governing Board of Directors, managing the organization to assure consistent achievement and, as possible, growth of mission and programs, while remaining financially secure, enjoying significant public support, and assuring adherence to all relevant laws and appropriate governance policies. The President will also play a key role with the distinct nonprofit organizations within the existing nonprofit network. 

Key Responsibilities

Specifically, the President will:

  • Assure that PHS has a long-range consistent strategic approach directed at achieving and expanding its mission, scope, and programs, and that the mission and programs of the other supported organizations are and remain consistent with that of PHS.
  • Serve simultaneously as a leader of as well as a member of a team, working collaboratively, transparently and effectively to both support and motivate the Board, direct reports and other staff, and volunteers. 
  • Have outstanding presentation and communication skills (written and oral communication, in all forums and media, and in all situations including those which may be contentious) with the proclivity and ability to be an exceptional spokesperson, relationship builder, and fund developer.
  • Support, manage, help establish goals for and evaluate key staff members as well as work collaboratively with them, and with the Board as appropriate, in the conception and development of plans and programs with attention to how those plans and programs reflect the mission, are financially sustainable, and are in compliance with all Federal, State, and local regulations. Ability to lead a team as it evaluates the benefits and risks of new programs and initiatives.
    • Remain aware of, critically evaluate, and judiciously adapt to significant developments and trends in the field. 
  • Have a documented history of effective collaboration with fund development staff and consultants. Professionally and effectively represent PHS, and as appropriate other network organizations, to all donor groups including individuals (both general members and major donors), corporations and foundations, for all campaigns (annual operating, capital, special, endowment). 
  • Negotiate terms of an ongoing contractual relationship with, maintain key relationships, and as appropriate represent the Society’s positions when disagreements occur with San Mateo County and its twenty incorporated Cities; manage the process whereby PHS’s contractual role as the animal-care-and-control service provider benefits the community’s animals and residents; while cognizant of the benefits and ideally remaining that contracted service provider, remain aware that the relationship is through a contract and, as such, prepare to lead the organization should that contract ever expire. 
  • Assure that the several organizations are appropriately managed not only in terms of mission and programs, but also as it relates to financial accounting, legal and other governance requirements, and all other business matters.
  • Maintain organizational climates that attract and retain top talent, and which grow skilled staff and volunteers, best allowing for internal promotion tracks as well as succession. Facilitate cross-departmental, and as appropriate cross-organizational, communication and collaboration.
  • Assure that all of the Boards are appropriately informed and engaged. 

Experience and Qualifications

The ideal candidate will have:

    • A proven, successful nonprofit executive background with significant long-term demonstrable experience in comparably complex organizations; someone who has led with both head and heart, and strategically knows when and how to emphasize one over the other. This is not a place for someone to first prove themselves; rather, this is an opportunity for a proven leader to build on their own and the organization’s long and successful histories. 
    • At a minimum, the immediate prior 7 years as the senior executive professional in a diverse and fast paced mission-driven nonprofit, supervising management level staff while also working collaboratively as part of and relying on the talents of the other members of a senior team environment. 
  • Direct experience managing senior level professionals (program, fund development, financial management, administrative), partnering with other executive staff in order to develop, implement and evaluate goals, strategies and programs.
  • Significant Board development skills.
  • Experience managing complex and diverse revenue streams.
  • Experience with financial systems (accounting, budgeting, control, and reporting) for a nonprofit with multiple funding sources, with an emphasis on individual giving but also including familiarity with grants, endowments, restricted and unrestricted gifts.
  • At a minimum, a Bachelor of Arts degree. Advanced degree will be considered an added benefit. 
  • Also of added benefit: successful past involvement in capital projects, ideally both capital campaigns and project development (from site acquisition and entitlement to oversight of construction and opening/start-up); prior experience with government contracting and permitting; prior experience with nonprofit mergers; and prior collective bargaining experience.


The ideal candidate will have:

  • An affinity for although not necessarily a professional history with issues involving animal welfare.
  • The ability to gather, analyze and act upon information and trends; the ability to effectively implement and evaluate goals, strategies and programs. 
  • A demonstrable track record as a self-starter with excellent judgment who demonstrates the highest standards of integrity.
  • A high degree of emotional intelligence and self-awareness.
  • Excellent analytic and abstract reasoning, problem-solving and organizational skills.
  • Dynamic and inspirational communication skills and with the ability to communicate passion for the mission to funders, partners and stakeholders. 
  • Leadership ability, team management, interpersonal skills; ability to help coalesce disparate organization cultures; ability to establish and maintain sound working relationships both within and with outside partners.  

Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA is strongly committed to diversity and encourage applications from people who can contribute to the organization’s diversity. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment. The organization believes that all persons are entitled to equal employment opportunity and does not discriminate on any basis prohibited by applicable laws.

To inquire about this opportunity please contact Anthony Tansimore, Managing Director, Blueridge Advisors LLC at anthony@blueridgeadvisorsllc.com. To apply or nominate an individual please provide a cover letter and resume expressing interest in this position to search@blueridgeadvisorsllc.com with “PHS – President” in the subject line. All applications and nominations will be held in the strictest confidence.

Apply For This Position

To apply, fill out the form below or email us your cover letter and resume expressing your interest in this position to search@blueridgeadvisorsllc.com with "Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA - President" in the subject line. We also accept nominations of qualified candidates. All applications and nominations will be held in the strictest confidence.