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National Recreation and Park Association – Vice President of Education & Chief Equity Officer

The National Recreation and Park Association seeks a visionary and inspirational Vice President of Education and Chief Equity Officer to realize the organization’s strategic equity goals.

Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA – President

Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA seeks a visionary President who, while respectful of past achievements and current direction, will lead a team of passionate and committed professionals and volunteers to new accomplishments in the arena of compassionate care for animals.

Hack the Hood – Executive Director

Hack the Hood seeks a visionary, inspirational, and collaborative Executive Director who will lead a talented and passionate community made up of staff, students, alumni, and partners and take this young, dynamic, mission-driven organization into the future.

Hidden Villa

Hidden Villa seeks a seasoned and highly collaborative Director of Administration and Finance to oversee all fiscal and financial responsibilities of the organization, in collaboration with the Executive Director, Senior Management Team, and Board of Directors.

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