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The Blueridge Search Process

Our Unique Process

When it comes to hiring the new people to fill those vital leadership roles, you need a team on your side who understands the complexities of choosing the right person for your organization. It’s not an easy decision, and it takes more than just picking from a stack of names.

We've broken down our process into 5 steps. This allows you to see the clear difference that our clients experience when you choose to work with the Blueridge team.


We meet with your team and begin the process of understanding the complexities of the organization, allowing us to become fully aware of the needs of the group. We take the time to go wide and go deep, meaning we target the challenges within the organization so we can begin to formulate a comprehensive strategy to resolve those pain points. Through this process, we uncover the core issues and provide honest feedback without holding back, making the process straightforward and efficient.


Your organization will be bringing on a new person to lead the entire team, ultimately with the shared goals of making a greater impact in our world, not only for today, but for many years to come. We take the task of choosing the right person to lead very seriously. We utilize our 25 years of experience within this field to find and resolve issues within the organization, work to develop the existing team, and ultimately find a leader who will take the torch and run with it, instead of allowing the flame to fade.


Here at Blueridge, we are motivated by the same core values as your team – to better our world and create positive social impact in our communities. With our shared vision in mind, we begin the meticulous and comprehensive process of finding, interviewing, and preparing the next person to step into the leadership position of your organization who also holds those same values.


Once we shortlist suitable candidates, we meet with your group to have a candid conversation about what it would be like to work with each person. We focus not only on their strengths and experience, but also on any foreseeable challenges after they are hired. The goal here is to find an individual who stands out as someone who will fit in well with the existing team, brings a broad background of experience to the table, connects with the core mission and values of the organization, but also someone who doesn’t come in believing they have everything already figured out. A strong candidate will be someone who possesses humility, can admit when they need to learn, and is eager to always continue growing as a person and as a leader.


Our team is available to continue to provide ongoing support after the search process has been completed. We work with your team to grow, both as individuals and as a collective group within the organization. We want to see your new leader succeed, as well as the whole team. That way, the impact of the group to influence positive social change is even more achievable through the dedication of a team that is supportive of themselves, each other, and the common vision of bettering our communities and humanity as a whole.

Are you ready to make a change to better your organization?

Let's discuss your organization’s goals, and create a vision for the future with the right leaders guiding your team.