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Meet Anthony Tansimore Founder and Managing Director

Anthony leads the Blueridge Advisors team as they provide guidance and direction to national and global foundations and social impact organizations in hiring, restructuring, and developing their boards, teams, and new leaders. The team also focuses on strengthening the existing leadership within an organization through effective and impactful business practices, which elevates team cohesiveness and supports their capacity to make a greater impact in the world.

With more than 25 years of experience as a senior executive in nonprofits and foundations, Anthony has an acute knowledge of how organizations work, where the tensions points are, and how to navigate through challenging transitions. In addition to leading the Blueridge team, he speaks at national philanthropy and nonprofit conferences on the topics of succession planning, improving board governance, and various perspectives to increase equity, justice, and inclusion in hiring senior leaders.

Anthony believes that there is no situation so complex that it cannot be solved by asking hard questions, self reflection, respect, honesty, transparency, encouragement, and patience.

Fun Fact: He has been inspired most of all by his father as well as great leaders, including Churchill, Lincoln, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King. They all did radical things in their time and inspired people to achieve goals that they probably never knew they could accomplish through determination, humility, humor, and a belief in something beyond themselves.

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